Top 5 famous men who lost it after hooking up with someone from the Kardashian family.

5) Reggie Bush

On the verge of becoming one of the best players in the league, Reggie decided to wife up Kim Kardashian when things went all the way wrong for him.

Unfortunately, the former USC running back suffered a series of injuries and his career went down the hill. Kim, obviously dumped him without saying too much.

4) Tyga

Tyga, Tyga, Tyga! The Rapper was the face of all Ls in Hip Hop, before Meek Mill started his so-called beef with Drake. Everything was good for Tyga Man right before he decided to hook up with Kylie Jenner.
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Unfortunately for him, he didn’t anticipate that the Kardashian has huge expectation from her partners while she is only impressed by fancy cars, expensive jewelry and exotic vacations. The rapper played the role of a wealthy boyfriend up until some point but when his music stopped being popular.
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Cash Money decided to cut him off so the gold pot was dried out.

After his paper went thin, Kylie Jenner simply moved on to another rapper.

3) Ray J

Back when Paris Hilton was still relevant to TMZ fans, Ray J and his then-wife Kim Kardashian decided that shooting a sex tape and leaking it to press was a good idea.

What Ray didn’t think of is that Kim would dump him as soon as he lost his famous status and then play the victim for the entire situation. Obviously, everyone pointed their fingers at Ray J and his career went down the hill even faster. The RnB singer had a minor attempt to trick his way into being relevant again with his Kanye sneak diss song “I Hit It First”.

Sit down, Ray. No one cares.

2) Lamar Odom

This one is not even funny. Caught between retiring from basketball and reality TV drama while being part of a family of blood suckers, Lamar fell apart while almost losing his life at one point. The man OD-ed and was in a coma for several days before undergoing extensive rehabilitation.

Lamar continues to struggle with addiction while Khloe simply went on to the next basketball player.

1) Kanye West

Kanye West takes the number one spot in our top simply because he still doesn’t see it coming. He married into the Kardashian clan without having anything in common with them except for the sincere love for pear shaped bottoms.

He’s struggling to keep up with the Clan while constantly trying not to fail his fans who only appreciate him for his music. Unfortunately, doing both is something that’s extremely hard to achieve judging by the previous famous men who clicked up with the Kardashians.