Social media is taking the best out of you? Check out these top online business mistakes and find out how to easily avoid them below.

5) Too many platforms


The most common mistake business owners make on social media is biting more than they can chew. Engaging with the public on too many platforms will most likely come with less time to focus on your business and on your product.

Social media marketing works when you get a good engagement from your fans with the smallest effort possible. Focus on main social media platforms and offer top notch content instead of committing to multiple platforms at the same time.

4) Emulating successful brands

This is the case of underestimating your public. Let’s take a common example to better explain this situation:

If you own a sports clothing store and you plan on emulating Nike’s latest marketing campaign that’s similar to telling your public that they’re too dumb to even know what’s going on in this department.

Studying a business concept, trying to understand trends, and going in the proper direction for your market (eco-friendly, sustainable) is okay but doing the exact same thing as other brands because it works is a no no.

3) Ignoring the stats

Both website optimization and social media marketing are data-driven but a lot of business owners choose to ignore the statistics.

If you login to your Google Analytics admin panel or your Hootsuite(/HubSpot) account you will see a ton of useful information about your followers. Such as: age, sex, occupation, education, keywords, other interests and so on. This will help you understand your public as well as anticipate new trends to be ahead of your competition.

2) Visual content

Do you ever think about how many business meetings could’ve been resolved with a simple e-mail…That’s how followers think when you’re making them read a 1000 word article when you should have made a video instead.

Engage on visual content instead of writing long, boring, and useless information. Videos work, and will always do.

1) Posting the same content on all social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are no the same. Each and every single platform is designed to be different so the biggest mistake you can make is post the same content on all of them.

Don’t post the exact same thing you post on Facebook everywhere else and try to understand the concept of each platform before boring your followers to death. The results will be tragic if you don’t take the time to do so.