“A trained dog is a happy dog.”

     -Cesar Millan

“A trained woman is a happy woman.”

 -Donovan Sharpe


If a man with red pill awareness looks closely enough, he’ll see that women and dogs have many similarities in terms of what makes them tick. If he looks even closer he’ll see that they respond to the same kind of training.

Yes, gents, I am telling you to train your woman like you train your dog. No, this isn’t a joke and no I’m damn sure not kidding. This isn’t some click bait piece to enrage feminists (though it probably will anyway) or to bring attention to this site.

There are honest to goodness similarities in women and dogs when it comes to training them properly. But first lets take a look at the reasons why you should employ this brand of rearing.

When left alone they are dangerous to themselves and others

When you leave your untrained dog at home, it’ll pee and poop in the house, eat your shoes, and destroy your house. When you get home, you’re tasked with cleaning up their bathroom mess, throwing away your shoes, and putting everything back in its place.

Further, they eat and lick things that could be harmful or potentially fatal. What do they know? They’re dogs and don’t know any better. In the end an untrained dog is expensive both monetarily and emotionally.

Women are the same way. An untrained woman left alone in the dating market will be slutty, unruly, and otherwise unpleasant to be around. Not only is she a danger to herself by exposing herself to rape, STDs, and other hazards of being a whore, but she is also a danger to the men she sleeps with. She could pass on her STDs, her emotional baggage, or worse become pregnant.

The kid always loses in the end

Not only does an unwanted pregnancy hurt her financially and emotionally, it saps the father’s finances as well. Not to mention the bastard kid she’ll give birth to (if she decides to carry the pregnancy to term) will grow up a damaged individual and have a healthy disrespect for men as a result of the mother bad mouthing the father.

Both dogs and women are dangerous when left to their own devices and proof of that in both cases is all around us.

Their inherent need for approval and affection

Dogs live for pleasing their owners. Any time you tell a dog “good boy!” and reward him with a treat, his tail wags away as he scarfs down the treat and basks in the goodness of his owner scratching his head. Dogs want nothing more than to make their owners happy and need the ensuing affection that comes with it.

Regardless of what women say or do, they want and need male approval and subsequent affection. Women who proudly proclaim “I don’t need no man!” are lying to themselves and others. And the ones who spew this garbage the loudest are the ones who both want and need men the most.

Both dogs and women yearn for attention and affection and will do whatever it takes (good or bad) to get it.

The shelter and the single life are the same thing

Dogs who are in shelters are there because their owners couldn’t handle them for whatever reason. They might not be potty trained, or have destructive proclivities, or any number of reasons that make them less than ideal pets.

Women who are perpetually single are in a proverbial “shelter.” They’re not in committed relationships for any number of reasons. They might have 3 kids, they’re consistent cheaters, they’re fat, bad breath, can’t cook, bitchy attitudes, the list goes on.

The point is that if a dog was as great as the shelters touts him as, he’d be in a home. If women were as great as they proclaim on social media, they’d belong to a man.

To be fair, it’s not entirely their fault. A lot of people see a shelter dog on television, see how cute he is, and rush to the shelter to adopt him not knowing anything about what it takes to maintain him as a pet. They’re not aware of his diet, what breed specific behaviors he has, or how much exercise he needs. All they saw was a cute dog and assumed he’d make a great pet.

Women at the club are the same as dogs in a shelter

Men are much the same way. They see a woman with big tits, a nice ass, and a pretty face and rescue her from the cock carousel otherwise characterized as the single life. But like the dog owners, they have no idea how to handle women, what they need to stay motivated, how to discourage their bad behavior, or anything else. All they saw was a good looking woman and assumed she’d make a great significant other.

Dogs are in shelters for a reason. Women are single for a reason.

So now that we’ve established the whys, let’s talk about the training strategies that are effective for both.

Reward the good, punish the bad

If a dog poops or pees in the house, its important to catch the dog in the act and reprimand the dog swiftly. Otherwise, he will continue to use your carpet as his bathroom. Dogs have very short memories and if you wait to long to correct the behavior it won’t have any effect.

Similarly, it’s equally important to check your woman immediately when she gets out of pocket. If she says something outta the way look her in the eye and say “keep talking to me like that and you’ll be single again” or something to that effect. If she makes it a habit to talk about ex boyfriends tell her “talk to your girlfriends about your ex…when you’re with me keep that shit to yourself.”

The reason women disrespect men so much these days is because men aren’t correcting the behavior when it happens. If you use the above statements she can either heed your warning and fall in, or she can get to stepping. Either way, the behavior stops with you.

Reward your woman’s good behavior with more time and affection

On the flip side, its important to reward your dog when he does the right thing. If he pees outside, you reward him with praise and a treat to reinforce the good behavior. Before you know it, your carpets are clean.

Women are the same way. You have to reward them with your time and attention (NEVER GIFTS OR MONEY) when she is doing right by you. Women aren’t stupid. They know that when you’re giving her these two commodities she’s doing something right and will continue the behavior.

When trained properly they can bring value to your life

Dogs come in may different breeds and those characteristics are very useful to humans. Smaller breeds like Schnauzers, Dachshunds (“wiener dogs”) are used to eradicate small rodents and vermin. Larger breed dogs like Labradors and Pointers are used for game and hunting. And of course German Shepherd Dogs and Belgian Malinois are heavily used in law enforcement. These breeds bring tremendous value to their respective organizations when trained properly.

When a woman is trained properly she can bring just as much if not more value to a man’s life. If she cooks well, you’ll eat better and be healthier. If she’s feminine she’ll have a calming affect on you when you’ve had a stressful day. If she gives you sex, it has a similar affect.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about…

A quality woman who is trained and cultivated the right way can elevate a man’s life in many ways. Canines are exactly the same way.


It’s important to keep in mind when putting this into action is to distinguish between the two. You’re not going to tell your woman “good girl!” and scratch her head when she cooks you a hot meal (though women do love being told this when they’re sucking your cock).

By the same token, dogs are less able to understand context and nuance. They respond better to action and vocal changes. The point is, don’t be a idiot. Use common sense and your Y-chromosome instincts to differentiate between the two and use this technique properly.

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