We’ve all seen her.  That one woman who was not blessed by the genetic lottery.   She has a face that only a mother could tolerate.  Notice I didn’t say love.   The mother just got used to looking at her.  If she took selfies of her body and put them on social media she would get comments telling her to stop taking pictures.  Fashion designers pay her not to wear their clothes.   Yet this woman will have the biggest ego on the planet.   Ugly head so big you wonder if there are hats big enough for her.  Why does she have a big ego?   Simple reason.   Despite her unfortunate appearance she has several men who are trying to get at her.

Now I know someone reading this will think it’s just thirsty men who are hollering at her and in some cases that’s true.   Not always though.   A surprising number of ugly women will get attention from men who seem like they can do better.   It could be the decent dude who is church going and keeps a steady job.   It could be the man making six figures who drives the late model sports car and has a big house in an exclusive neighborhood.   It could even be the fly pretty boy who usually has model type women on his arms.     So what is the ugly woman doing to get these types of men when common logic says otherwise?

An ugly woman figures out she is ugly at a young age.  Her relatives are the ones who usually tell her.   Now what they tell her is to work on getting a degree and making some money.   Hmmmm, sounds familiar.  Naw I won’t go there.  In this article anyway.   The ugly woman may do this but her vagina still works.   She still wants that Alpha dick just like the lead cheerleader and the school hoe.   She just knows she isn’t going to get it based her looks.   So what is her mating strategy?

A young woman I knew explained it to me.  Now she wasn’t ugly per se.   She wouldn’t get huge following on Instagram either.   She was telling me about this “hot guy” who boned her on the regular.   I asked her how she got him.   She said, “I’m easy and I bring beer.”   In a sentence she explained the mating strategy of ugly women globally.   An ugly woman knows she isn’t going to get a man on her looks and sex appeal.   She also knows most men don’t care about a woman’s personality.  She does know that men like to get their dick sucked.   The ugly woman offers sex to men without them having to do too much work.

One thing about men in general is that we pick the lowest hanging fruit.   This is not just the thirsty men.   The regular blue collar dude will take the woman offering the easy sex.   The Money Man will take her because he can keep his wallet closed with her.  The Pretty Boy may just want quick easy lay.  Like getting a snack from a convenience store.    A funny thing happens when a woman gets men like this.   They forget that they are ugly and get a bigger ego than the latest winner of America’s Top Model.

I’ve seen it too many times to count in my life.  You have an ugly woman, maybe even plain woman, who gives up the sex easily.   They get much attention because we all know men talk.   After a few years the woman forgets the real reason she gets attention from men.   She starts thinking that she is hotter than a Dime.  She even start thinking she is a Dime.   The irony is that while she is getting men who only care about her doggy style she will be mean and arrogant with decent men who actually think she looks good and sincerely want a relationship with her.

If one pays attention to male/female sexual dynamics they will find that women who are above average in physical attractiveness tend to be at least be friendlier to men.   It’s actually many ugly women who are mean and arrogant.  Some commentators have pointed this out as it is thought that ugly women should at least be nice.   Naw.  They are delusional.  They mistake men using them as cum receptacles as genuine attraction.   It is for this reason I advocate that men deal with quality women in terms of looks and personality.   Men actually get a better deal.