“Never listen to what a woman says…watch what she does”

-The Manosphere

The above trope is a staple in a man’s Red Pill mentality. Understanding that a man can never believe what comes out of a woman’s mouth is paramount to men looking to capitalize on their conquests with women while simultaneously avoiding pitfalls that come with interacting with them. There are many reasons for this but I will point out the 3 most ubiquitous in this post.

#1 Body chemistry

As men, we are chemically identical from one day to the next. What I mean by that is that barring any unforeseen circumstances, mental illnesses, medications, etc. our body chemistry almost never changes. Our thought patterns and emotions are basically the same from one day to the next our entire lives.

A woman’s menstrual cycle, however, makes it impossible for her to be chemically identical from one day to the next. a few days out of the month PMS makes them bitchy. Another few days they’re in heat because of ovulation and they can think of nothing but getting every hole filled with man fluid. Then it starts all over again at the beginning when their pussies bleed to flush everything out which makes them depressed and moody. And that’s not counting the days in between when their bodies are preparing for the next phase in their cycle.

A female could love you one day, hate you the next, want to have 24 of your children the day after that, plan your gruesome murder in her mind the day after that then later that night tell you she can’t live without you. In short, a woman’s mind is a roller coaster of a shit show and it’s never really the same from one hour to the next.

For this reason alone, you must always take what a woman says with a grain of salt.

#2 Lack of impulse control

Females are impulsive by nature and until the advent of feminism, this was kept in check by men. But removing the stigma of promiscuous behavior has unleashed this known frailty and has manifested itself into the slutty behavior we see in females today.

A girl will fuck a guy on a whim for no reason at all after not even thinking about it in the first place. She may have seen him in passing and never thought anything about him but all it takes is a well timed glance for him and a few well placed phrases and she’s swallowing his loads a few short hours later.

When a woman makes a decision about anything, it’s always subject to change. The same applies to men but we change our minds based on facts and new information. Women change their minds based on emotion. 

Any decision a woman makes is always susceptible to her emotional impulses. If she tells you “I would never cheat on you”, understand that could change at any time for any reason because of her lack of impulse control.

#3 They’re wannabes

Women adore male characteristics. This is why they always describe themselves in a way that makes them masculine. I’ve always stated that a dating hack men should use is asking her what kind of woman she is because her description will be exactly what she wants in a man.

In a post I wrote for Return of Kings 2 summers ago, I pointed this out:

Robin Greer (a post-wall blonde who was prominent in the film), one of Nicole’s close friends laid bare her female nature for all the world to see. There were too many red pill nuggets to count from this chick but one that stood out to me was this statement:

“There was something about Nicole that was almost unattainable to O.J….something that he couldn’t quite control, and I think that was part of the attraction…

I literally laughed out loud when those words escaped her lips. Those in the know (read: neomasculine) know that nothing wets the panties of women more than a man who cannot be tamed, controlled, or kept. Female solipsism leads them to believe that sexual attraction is symmetrical. They consistently show their ignorance in these matters by describing what attracts them to men when talking about themselves or other women…

…Blondie here wasn’t fooling anyone…..at least not men who are unplugged. Women love men who are unattainable and they project this attraction by defining themselves or other women in this way.

I will also add that she talked about being cornered by O.J. several times (presumably for sex) but never gave in to his advances. Even if I hadn’t seen the arousal in her facial expressions as she told this story, I still wouldn’t have bought it.

Women would love to think that they possess masculine characteristics so they lie about what and who they are to everyone, including themselves.

If you want an extended explanation…

…check out the episode below:

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