There is just a little difference between Nigerian pastors and Nigerian politicians. We can even say they are sons and daughters of the same parent. They both hate being corrected. And they always believe that they are more important than other human beings, and so, they are unquestionable. Try to correct a Nigerian pastor and he will see you as an Antichrist. Argue with them and they will conclude you are a son of perdition. That’s why Ibiyeomie is threatening to kill Daddy Freeze over an inconsequential matter.

Majority of Nigerian pastors believe they are an island of knowledge. They like to correct people but they never listen to correction. They believe they see everything and know everything. This is the same with some of them who have never even read any other book in their entire life than the Holy Bible. There is always an element of pride in them.
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They believe they are above everyone and no one should question their words or decisions about anything. But the Bible says ‘he that thinks he stands, let him take care, so that he doesn’t fall’.

Personally, I see nothing wrong in what Daddy Freeze said. David Oyedepo made a statement and David Freeze corrected him. When has it become an offence to correct someone? Read what Pastor Ibiyeomie said about Daddy Freeze: ‌“I will never be alive and see anyone insult my father, you are not born, I will kill you, I will tear you into pieces.
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Insult me I wouldn’t talk but insulting Oyedepo, I can’t be alive and you insult my father. “The day Daddy Freeze insults Oyedepo, I will deal with him and arrest him. Who gave birth to you? Do you have a father? Show us his picture.”

Pastor David Ibiyeomie doesn’t portray himself as a true man of God. He spoke like someone who has been nursing some hatred against Daddy Freeze for a very long time. He spoke with passionate anger. You can see from the way he was speaking in that video against Freeze.
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A man of God should correct gently. He should address issues with diplomacy and wisdom. He should correct with love. He should guide and teach. But Pastor Ibiyeomie has done the opposite of what a true leader should do. He chose anger instead of clarification. He chose anger over wisdom.

Ibiyeomie didn’t even wait for David Oyedepo to address the issue by himself. I think David Ibiyeomie sees David Oyedepo as someone who can never make a mistake.
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He sees him as omniscient, someone who knows it all. A leader that cannot be corrected is not a true leader. Ibiyeomie should stop seeing Oyedepo as God. Even in the video, Ibiyeomie keeps calling Oyedepo his father. Lol. He needs to be reminded that Oyedepo didn’t give birth to him. Oyedepo knows his real children. Tell Ibiyeomie to go find his real father, too.

If David Ibiyeomie could be so angry at Daddy Freeze for correcting David Oyedepo, what then would he have done if someone had spoken badly about his biological father? Nigerian pastors can be funny. They are always majoring on the minor and minoring on the major. COVID-19 is still ravaging the world and no Nigerian pastor has been able to provide a solution, with all the powers they claim to have, but they can boast about their ability to arrest, kill someone and tear them into pieces.

Tell David Ibiyeomie to direct his fury to the lawlessness in the country, not to Daddy Freeze. Tell him to direct his anger to Nigerian politicians who keep stealing billions and making Nigerians poorer. Tell him to direct his anger to the poverty inflicted on Nigerians by the Nigerian government. David Ibiyeomie should be fighting against the hike in price of petrol and electricity, not against Daddy Freeze. Daddy Freeze is not one of Nigeria’s many problems. We don’t need someone who can arrest, kill and tear into pieces. We need a true leader, someone who can build with wisdom.