Men going their own way, otherwise known as ‘MGTOW’, has acquired a sizeable following over the past few years and continues to gain steam in the face of the increasingly toxic environment fueled by feminism. Men are opting out in large numbers because they’re starting to understand they have little to gain by being another cog in the gynocentric machine.

The term ‘MGTOW’ is loosely defined as men who’ve decided to go their own way in that they’ve sworn off dating, consumerism, and the overall narrative that vilifies them as men and glorifies women.

More and more brothers are turning to this activity

Overall lifestyle varies from MGTOW to MGTOW. Some have decided it’s not worth it to have their own place to live so they live with their parents or other relatives. Some men have decided not to take care of their bodies to attract women (because let’s face it….we work out to get laid….period) and some have decided to work a job that requires the least amount of mental and/or physical exertion. In their minds why work hard if you’re not going to be rewarded for it?

Black men are joining this movement in droves and it seems they’re doing this at a higher rate than any other race in this area of the world. While each one has their own personal reasons and experiences that have driven them to this lifestyle, there are a few that most if not all have in common.

Sisters are undateable

It’s no secret how I feel about black women within the context of a sexual relationship. Not surprisingly I catch a lot of heat from sisters and their army of simps about how I’m a race traitor, a sell out, etc.

But facts are facts. Black women are not only the lowest on the sexual totem pole in terms of aesthetic attractiveness, they’re the lowest quality significant others out there. Between the baggage that comes standard with just about all of them (multiple kids, attitude, masculinity, et al.) and their laughable entitlement complexes it’s no wonder hoards of brothers are checking out.

The better a man improves himself, the more sisters want. If you’re in great shape it’s ‘Why don’t you have abs?’ If you make a decent living it’s ‘Why don’t you make more?’ If you have a decent place to live it’s ‘Why don’t you live in that exclusive uptown community?’ If you have a decent ride it’s ‘You should drive a BMW.’

Black women have unrealistic expectations and no matter how high your value is, they always want more. In a MGTOW’s mind there’s no need to engage in self improvement activities if it’s not going to get him more pussy.

No, pussy should never be a man’s main goal in life but we all know it’s important. We’re men. We like to fuck. And if a man is busting his ass in the gym, at work, and in life and not having success with sisters because their standards are too high, at some point he’s going to stop caring.

The bipolar definition of success

The black community at large pushes a bipolar definition of success. You’re either going to be wildly successful or you’ll be a bum. There’s no in between. To be fair it’s probably not that extreme but it’s clear that if you’re not super successful (read: rich) you’re looked at as a failure in the eyes of the black community.

When I was a kid, my mother used to push the “get your education” narrative ad nauseam. It was always “Donovan, you’re not going to be successful if you don’t go to college!” African Americans seem to have this idea that getting a college education is the one and only key to success and there were no two ways about it.

We see countless Tyler Perry movies showing black men and women in the typical business or executive type roles driving Range Rovers, living in luxury downtown apartments or owning big beautiful homes. At some point in the movie it’s revealed that he (or she) went to xyz university and that’s the reason for their success.

It’s either this or nothing

Naturally, black men go to college out of high school dreaming of success the minute they walk the stage and get their degrees. But when they get out into the real world and discover the piece of paper they got at the end of their stint in college is just a piece of paper, they have a rude awakening.

At some point they end up working somewhere their college degree means nothing and if they’re working in the area they grew up, people call him a “failure” and talk about how he never reached his potential simply because he’s driving a forklift rather than having a corner office. Then, of course, he’s dealing with sisters not giving him a chance because he drives a Honda rather than a Lexus.

So the brother works hard, has a decent job, drives a decent vehicle, and lives by himself (as opposed to with his parents or a relative) and he’s looked at as an abject failure by his own people. Thanks to feminism his modest, stable  lifestyle doesn’t attract females or provides him with the opportunities with women.

It’s only a matter of time when he throws up his hands and says “I’m done with this” and goes his own way.

Too much in house hate

One of the many reasons I left Atlanta for the second time is the hate I caught from other black men simply for being who I am. During my first stint in the ATL I had a warehouse job and quickly rose through the ranks on account of my discipline and solid work ethic.

I showed up to work on time every day without exception and never missed a day of work…..ever. The bosses took notice very quickly and promoted me only 6 months after I started there. Not bad for a guy who’d just moved up from Florida and was originally hired on as a seasonal temp.

Too many brothers drinkin’ this

My tenure as a shift supervisor was short lived because my crew simply didn’t do what they were supposed to. One of the few people I’d become friends with at that facility told me that the fix was in to get me out the door and that everyone was in on it. Their plan was to intentionally fall below their daily quotas and that I’d be held responsible (rightfully so) and eventually removed from the position.

I resigned the next day and moved back to North Carolina. Seven years later I gave it another try and experienced the same thing. This time I moved to the west coast and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve experienced this kind of hate from other black men for as long as I can remember. I’m a good looking, well spoken, confident man with a great work ethic and a desire to succeed and for whatever reason other brothers don’t like seeing that.

I could go on about why I think this is but the truth is, I couldn’t give less of a shit. But it’s sad to see that in a world where we have built in disadvantages, we can’t stand by and raise up and even emulate our own.

This is one of the major reasons more African American men are going MGTOW. Nevermind the shit they get from sisters on a daily basis what with their complaining, their unrealistic expectations, and their entitlement issues. To have to deal with other black men who hate on them for trying to do better and be successful is debilitating to one’s psyche.

Unfortunately most black men don’t have the balls to pack up and move to another coast where they won’t catch so much hate so they end up going MGTOW and becoming worthless piles of mush like everyone else around them.


There are scores of other reasons black men are completely checking out but you’ll often find at least one of these three elements at the core of most if not al of their rationale for going MGTOW.

When black women aren’t giving you the time of day despite having a solid stable job and not living at home, then dealing with the constant disapproval of your lack of “success” then dealing with hate from brothers when you achieve any modicum of success you’re either going to fold or you’re going to focus.

So what’s it gonna be playa?