Black Men Have A Right To Travel Anywhere They Please

If you are a brother and you are getting ready to travel overseas for the very first time you may want to keep it to yourself. Especially if you are going to the Dominican Republic, Colombia, or Brazil. In this article I will explain why black men are villainized by men and women in their own community for traveling overseas and living their best life. When you finally get your passport and decide to put it to use it will be one of the most freeing feelings you ever experience. There are a few countries that are very popular for black men to visit, especially as first time travelers. Those countries are the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Colombia. These countries are notorious for delicious food, low cost of living, beautiful beaches, and beautiful women. When you book your ticket you will be very excited and want to tell people about it. However, there are those who will look at your actions and automatically assume that you are traveling for the sole purpose of cheap and easy sex. Each one of the countries mentioned are full of scenic landscapes, amazing food, and inviting people that you will never be able to find in the United States. Furthermore, the reason that so many black men travel to these destinations is because other black men have already been there. Not many black men have documented experiences of visiting Peru, or Bolivia, or Uruguay. And if it was my first time leaving the United States I would not want to go to a place where no one who looks like me has visited, especially if it’s only for a weekend. Additionally, these countries are in close proximity to the United States. A flight from Miami, Florida to Medellin, Colombia is less than 3 hours and to the Dominican Republic it’s less than 2 hours away. Places in south east Asia, Europe, and Africa are usually 7+ hour flights that most brothers are not willing to take for their first travel few experiences. Understand that a majority of the black men who travel still work physically in the United States, and a weekend trip to Cali, Colombia is a much better option than a weekend trip to Athens, Greece, or Chang Mai, Thailand.


“You’re Only Traveling For The Women”

When you are a black man and you travel, many people assume that you only want to visit certain countries as a sexpat. What is a sexpat? A sexpat is a play on the word expat. Expat is short for expatriate. Expatriate means to live outside of your own country. If someone is called a sexpat it means that they only expatriate to another country primarily for sex. You might ask why would someone live in another country primarily for sex when they can have sex in the United States. In case you didn’t know in many countries around the world prostitution is completely legal. In the United States, there can be harsh penalties if you are caught in the act of paying for sex. The show COPS used to run specials for undercover stings where they would apprehend “Johns” who went to motels to pay for sex with legal aged women, or prostitutes. In the United States, if you buy a woman dinner at a nice restaurant, an expensive purse, or give her some other type of gift and she decides to give you sex that night because of what you did then that is completely fine. However, if you exchange cash directly for sex then that is illegal. I’m sure you can see that these laws don’t make any sense. A $200 dinner date which comes with sex is perfectly fine, but giving a woman $100 cash for sex is wrong. This is why over 100 countries around the world permit prostitution to some extent. Therefore, many men chose to go where they know what the end result of their money will give them. I am not here to argue the morality of prostitution, I’ll leave that to the churches. I’m only here to argue to the logic. It’s illogical for a man to pay more money for a gamble (dinner date) in the United States than to pay less money for what is a guarantee (prostitute) in a different country. Now understand, it’s not only black men who do this. European men have been traveling for many years to South East Asian countries and paying for sex with cash. However, there isn’t much scrutiny in their community. It’s only in the black community where men get destroyed. Black men are called weak, selfish, immature, soft, and a host of other names if they chose to travel abroad and date. Yup, date. Not engage in prostitution, rather just date women of other cultures.


Black Men Experience A Better Way Of Living Overseas

Many brothers are not traveling to these beautiful countries just for sex. Many brothers are traveling to experience a better, and oftentimes simpler, way of living. In the United States, a lot of black men are stressed out. Whether they have a wife, a baby mama, or a live-in girlfriend they all face the same kind of scrutiny. Incessant nagging, whining, complaining, b!tching, etc. And due to either low-self esteem, or fear, they think they have to put up with that. Black men need a break from the nonsense and to have their stress levels reduced. The reason why men die sooner than women is because of the many stresses in life that they face. You go to work stressed, you come home stressed, you go to sleep stressed, and you wake up stressed. Therefore, going to a new country, even if it’s for a weekend, can be one of the best things you ever do in your life. However, my personal advice is to not let anyone know that you are leaving unless you absolutely have to do so. If you go on social media and start announcing to the world that you are traveling to the Dominican Republic, or Colombia, or Brazil then be prepared to have simps, bitter single moms, and low-value women in your own community berate you. They will throw shots at your masculinity and make you feel bad for exploring your options elsewhere. This does not mean that you put one group of woman over the other, this means that your are open to exploring what exist outside of the Matrix (United States). Did you know that Colombia has over 4 million Afro-Colombians in the country? Currently, I live in Medellin, Colombia and there are sistas here too. They have the same skin complexion and facial structures as their counterparts in the United States. The honest truth is that the simps and bitter women in the black community know that once you experience a taste of beautiful and feminine women, delicious food, affordable prices, and warm weather it will only be a matter of time until you pack up and leave for good. That’s exactly what I did.

I Left The Matrix For A Better Life

The first country I visited was Mexico. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I immediately fell in love when I got there. I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. Many people who don’t even have a passport tried to tell me how dangerous it was and that there are cartels there and that I would be kidnapped, or that gangs would get me. Of course, none of that happened. The only reason I left Mexico was because my 6 month VISA ended. I never expected to fall in love with Mexico, but I did and I sure am glad that I went for it. I know that many of you will find countries that are better suited for you than the United States. You will find countries where you can feel like a king and live like one too. Oftentimes, the people who dick police you are people who are jealous of you because the world is your oyster and they will be stuck in their situation for the rest of their life. They dream of getting on a plane, leaving the country and going to a place where time just seems to move slower. They hate the fact that you will be smiling and living the life you were always destined to live. They will try to stop you with their words, but you must ignore them. It’s ironic that men in other communities don’t face this same criticism, but men in the black community have to hear it all of the time. This is why private travel groups exist for black men. Black men need a place where they can discuss their travel expeditions amongst each other without their life being scrutinized. When black women travel to Jamaica, or Italy for sex rendezvous, which happens more than you think, no one says anything, but if a black man goes to the Dominican Republic to have a Presidente on the beach and enjoy the company of a chica then he’s a evil man. I have no problem with anyone going to where they want to go and doing what is legal in that country. I only wish that black men were given this same grace. One thing that I have learned is to ignore the opinions of people who are irrelevant in your life. You must understand that most people are very bitter about their circumstances and want to be in your position. Wherever you go in the world, go with your head held high and know that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Live your life to the fullest.