So, you read my article about Red Pill Awareness and Red Pill Rage.  You have also read my articles about Toxic Relationships, the ‘Good Man’ & ‘Good Woman,’ Being ‘Thirsty,’ Weeding out Manipulative Timewasters, Being a 5-Star Lover, FunClubbing, Sexual Duplicity, and Alpha males vs. Beta males.

You say to yourself, “I love Alan Roger Currie’s knowledge, wisdom, insight and advice … but in all due respect to Mr. Currie, I have no desire to become the world’s next prolific womanizer or the world’s next highly popular ladies’ man.  I just simply want to find a woman who is THE ONE.  My ‘soulmate.’  The love of my life.  Is that even possible today?”


What are you looking for in a long-term romantic companion or future spouse?

Does your ‘dream girl’ need to be drop-dead gorgeous?  Does she have to be super sexy with a body like a porn actress or female athlete?  Does she have to possess the wit and sense of humor of a stand-up comedienne?  Does she need to be a great mother with a very nurturing and empathetic heart toward children?  Does she need to maintain the cooking skills of a restaurant chef? What about the woman’s sexual past?  Do you require that this woman be a virgin or as close to a sexually inexperienced ‘good girl’ as possible?

You need to create a list of every physical and non-physical attribute and characteristic you want in your ideal companion.  Be as specific as possible.  Too many men make the mistake of just looking for a woman that they can “get along with,” who just happens to be a very beautiful ‘trophy’ on their shoulder and a major sex demon in the bedroom.  This is too general.  Too vague.

Your long-term companion or future spouse ideally should be a woman who you can a) enjoy a pleasurable exchange of orgasms with, b) share many, many laughs with and great conversation in general, and c) raise children with in an emotionally healthy and financially stable environment.


Many men and women make the huge mistake of searching for a member of the opposite sex that will be able to make them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ with fantastic emotions on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month basis.  This is not real.  You only find this brand of ‘true love’ in television shows and in movies that are romantic comedies.

Love is a verb.  Love is an action and an attitude that you commit to on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  The first component of love is accepting someone for who they already are … not for who you want them to be.  So, whatever woman ends up being your next long-term romantic companion or spouse needs to be a woman that you are willing to accept her “as is.”  Do not search for a woman who you will end up requesting that they make major changes to their behavior and personality in order to please you (with the possible exception of a scenario in which the woman is very much into the BDSM lifestyle and Erotic Submission).

Every woman you cross paths with is going to have some flaw or weakness that might make you frown at times.  Are you ready to accept those flaws and weaknesses for the sake of maintaining the relationship or marriage in the long-run?  Are you a man who is very empathetic and forgiving?

No woman is perfect.  Neither are you.  Just about every long-lasting relationship or marriage represents the union of two imperfect companions.


When it comes to discussing an ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or former casual sex lover, many men and women will sometimes bring up the concept of ‘the one who got away.’  This would represent a man or a woman who you should have never broken up with, who was more-than-likely your true ‘soulmate.’

When it comes to evaluating women from your past who you engaged in sexual activities with at least once or twice, you need to create two lists:  One list of your Top 5 favorite sexual companions, and another list with your Top 5 favorite non-sexual companions & conversation partners.

Is there any woman who ranks high on both lists?  If so, this past companion of yours might have been ‘the ONE,’ and you did not realize it at the time.

Personally, I do not really believe in “repeat relationships” unless you are 100% certain that the factors that caused your first break up are not going to be factors that will negatively affect your ‘give her a second chance’ relationship in the future.  Be certain that you two have “tolerable differences” rather than “intolerable differences.”  The commonalities that you two share should be the glue to your unbreakable bond.


Not everyone is cut out for the exact same type of relationship.  Some men are better suited for long-term strictly monogamous relationships.  Other men would flourish with women better within the context of a long-term non-monogamous (“open”) relationship.  Some men will always be known as a serial monogamist (i.e., always jumping from one short-term monogamous relationship to a brand new one), while other men will always have the looks, seductive charm, and overall sex appeal to remain an eternal bachelor and womanizing ladies’ man indefinitely.

Identify what type of relationship is best for you, and if your top desire is to be involved in a traditional long-term romantic relationship and/or marriage with a woman who is “Ms. Right,” don’t give up.  Be persistent in your search.

Just make sure your endgame is simply not to find a woman who will make you feel “warm and fuzzy.”  Leave that to Hollywood.

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