Majority of women marry, not because they love the men they marry, but because they love themselves more. You may find it difficult to believe, as a man, that the woman you are married to does not get married to you because she actually loves you. It must be noted that women marry for their own personal reasons. They marry you because you must have met some of their standards. Let me be clear: women don’t just marry for love. They marry for different reasons. And love could just be one of those reasons. In this article, I want to talk about seven reasons why women marry.



There are women who get married because they claim they are in love. It may not actually be that they love you. It may just be that they need someone to love them. It is not the same. These kind of women only love you because they need your love, because they need someone who would love them and care for them and probably open car doors for them. Someone who will keep treating them like a queen. This kind of women will stop loving you the moment you stop loving them. It is as simple as that. They don’t fucking care about you.



Companionship is when you feel a sense of closeness being with another person. Your grandmother’s companionship with her best friend might keep her feeling young and happy. You probably experience companionship with your best friend or romantic partner. Therefore, most women marry for companionship. They need someone who will keep boredom and loneliness away from them. This could be another reason a woman is married to you.



You know women gossip a lot, huh? Gossip is a woman’s hobby. Most women know that if they are not married at a certain age, their peers will definitely gossip about them. This is because they have gossipped about other people together. They know that if they don’t have a man in their life, they can’t escape being gossipped about. They know their friends will do for them what they have done for others. That is one of the reasons a woman will marry you, to protect herself from gossip.



Most women love the ‘Mrs’ title. They will do anything to get it. I think this title is somewhat of an achievement to them. They wear it proudly like a crown. They are happy when you address them by that title. And, bearing that title does not actually mean they love their husbands. They are more concerned about the title than about the man they married. Does this surprise you? Don’t be surprised!



Some women marry to have children. They want to have their copies. They want to have someone who looks like them. In some African countries, some women will stop loving their husbands the moment they start bearing children. They won’t have time for the husband again. Their love will be directed to their children. Their men can go to hell, they don’t care. Their main target is their children. That is why we have a lot of baby mamas in our society. They are like, let me make babies through you.



This is very important to some women. They want to have a dick they can call their own. Mind-blowing sex is very important to women. Most get married so that they can always have access to it. They want to be able to get it anytime they want it. Sex is so sweet and women love it too. When you give a woman orgasms through sex, she will respect you and will like to have you to herself. Who doesn’t like something good? But, you may be tempted to think that she truly loves you. No. She doesn’t love you. She only loves your dick.



In Africa, marriage is so valuable. Marriage in African culture, from North to South, East to West, is hands-down one of the most significant rites of passage. It is the most celebrated ceremony in all African cultures. African weddings are a spiritual and social family affair and involve the combining of two lives, two families, and even two communities. The society places so much emphasis on marriage. If a woman reaches a certain age and she is not married, the society begins to question her. A woman who doesn’t have a man in her life is seen as an incomplete woman. That’s why so many women are forced to marry, so that they can please the society.