Today’s WESTERN  society is full of soft ass men who cater to the fuckery of Women. No place is greater for the enabling of such fuckery as the BLACK COMMUNITY.  As you have noticed, my dear black brothers, Black Women can do NO WRONG. Everything is ALWAYS the Black Man’s FAULT! This is the reason why Black Women will respond with shaming tactics when you call them out on their BULLSHIT! Instead of them admitting their faults, Black Women respond by saying:


I agree Black Women. You are so perfect, that your children are the least educated among all races of children in America EVEN THOUGH you claim to be the most EDUMACATED.




I know it hurt! But I digress. The brothers have been receiving the SILENT TREATMENT from Dysfunctional Black Women for a long time ESPECIALLY in relationships. The silent treatment strategy is ANOTHER WAY Black  women try to force Black Men to submit to their will. They withhold dialogue, sex, and contact with you to FORCE you to chase after them. This EVEN happens when YOU CATCH THE BITCH doing something WRONG! I have heard stories of many men who CATCH their girlfriends in the act of cheating. Instead of the chick apologizing, she will give you the SILENT TREATMENT and FORCE you to chase after her even though SHE FUCKED UP!

Black women understand that Good Black Men need love, compassion, sex, and understanding. The black women uses these things to her advantage to force you into being her bitch! She will move out of your place, block you on Facebook, and even tell her family to hide her whereabouts because she is trying to “TEACH” you a lesson. Even if you have done something wrong to her that offends her, NEVER EVER RESPOND TO THE SILENT TREATMENT! Basically what you should do is say:




Brothers around the world need to be hip to the trick that women play when they used this “Silent Treatment” strategy against you brothers. You must understand it hurts to have the silent treatment used on you. It leaves you in a state of confusion, misery, and doubt. You will be lonely sometimes and even in pain. However, time will make that pain subside. Here are somethings you must not do if your woman is giving you the silent treatment.


The silent treatment is a break up strategy. No matter HOW many times you call, the bitch is not going to answer. If you leave messages on her voicemail, ALL she will do is replay them to her friends and embarrass you! Do not be a fucking idiot. She only does this because she HAS another dude that she is fucking on the side ALSO!

2) Do not Facebook her or text message her

You facebooking or messaging her over a social network will ALSO not work. She will not respond if she notices you trying to reach out to her. You must be VERY SMART about this. AGAIN, you must make her wonder about you as you are wondering about HER!


People who are loyal to her will NEVER tell you her true whereabouts. You should go on about your damn life.



A lot of emotional black men will get upset and leave voicemails or even show up to her job. This is when the bitch will play the victim role and have your black ass arrested on the spot. Now you will be looking like an idiot when she is getting fucked by some other nigga who don’t give two shits about her while you are in jail for the weekend. Leaving voicemails is also a BIG NO NO!


Its been fun negroes. I GOT TO BE OUT! PEACE!