There is a woman who used to be a popular audio podcast host on the BlogTalkRadio Internet Radio Network, who now is the host of a video podcast program on YouTube.  Let’s refer to this host as “Katrina.”

Katrina and I first crossed paths via the internet (and more specifically, BlogTalkRadio) sometime in January or February of 2008.  She fancies herself a dating and relationships advisor for women, just as I market myself as a Dating Coach for single heterosexual men.

Katrina and I are generally fairly ‘cool’ with one another, despite she and I maintaining a good number of ‘philosophical differences,’ including among other issues, our major differences of opinion regarding men’s pursuit of short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with women (a pursuit that many women frown on, particularly if they aspire to be married … or at minimum, prefer to be involved in a long-term, emotionally profound, strictly monogamous romantic relationship with a man).

In addition to being an audio podcast host on BlogTalkRadio, Katrina had a very popular website for African-American women that featured several blog articles for Black women, most of them written by herself (she would also feature a few blog articles written by Guest Bloggers, all Black women).

Sometime around either fall or winter of 2010, a blog article on her site caught my eye.  I cannot recall the title of the article or the subject matter, but I just remember that the article was extremely critical of Black men’s behavior in today’s dating scene.  This was somewhat of a departure from her former articles, which were rarely disparaging of Black men as an entire group.

Her next article was even harsher in tone.  So was the next one, the one after that, and the one after that.  Given that she and I had each other’s phone number, I called her and straightforwardly asked her, “Katrina!  What in the hell is going on with you?!?  What is with all this hate and animosity that you are spewing toward (single) Black men??”  Katrina began giggling.  She then responded, “Calm down Alan.  You’ve known me for almost three years now.  I think you know that I do not ‘hate’ Black men, although I do have my criticisms of them from time to time.”  I replied, “Then what is with all these ‘angry-toned’ articles of yours?”

Turns out, all of these harsher toned articles were about one thing, and one thing only:  increased internet traffic to her website.


Katrina went on to share with me that prior to publishing her more ‘angry-toned’ articles, she was receiving roughly 10,000 visitors to her website per month.  After she wrote two or three blog articles that came from the perspective of “The Angry Black Woman (who is perpetually angry at Black men who are lying womanizers, cheaters, adulterers, ‘deadbeat dads,’ and guilty of domestic violence against Black women),” she said her internet traffic exploded.  She informed me that all the sudden, she now had anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 visitors per month, and Black women came out of the woodworks applauding her articles.

In a nutshell, “hating on Black men” had become profitable for Katrina.

This phenomenon of spewing anger, frustration, bitterness, and even flat-out hatred toward members of the opposite sex in the Black community is not at all one-sided.  Many Black male audio & video podcasters and bloggers also earn Google AdSense profits, sizable PayPal donations, and subscribers from blasting Black women for being ultra-promiscuous, sexually duplicitous, materialistic gold diggers, irresponsible single mothers with children out-of-wedlock, and cheaters and adulterers.


In the world of blogging and podcasting, there is money to be made by being harshly critical of the opposite sex as well as being antagonistic or even hateful toward them (or at least, pretending to be).   The only bloggers and podcasters (male and female) that can really be taken seriously are those who espouse hatred toward the opposite gender for free.  If there is no financial gain as a motive, then this means their (antagonistic) intentions are pure.  Otherwise, view it as a ‘performance’ of sorts.  It is really all about those green dollars to be earned.

The problem is, most of the fans, followers, and financial supporters of these bloggers and podcasters hang on to their every word.  They believe their ‘anger’ and ‘hatred’ is 100% real.  Then, these single Black men and single Black women develop misdirected anger toward the entire Black male gender or Black female gender, not realizing that they are just mere puppets in a game of “Who can earn more money hating on the opposite sex?”

So, if you are a Black man who faithfully follows a Black male blogger and/or podcaster, and just about all of that blogger or podcaster’s content centers on “hating on Black women,” ask yourself, “How much money is this Black male blogger / podcaster earning from encouraging other Black men to despise Black women?”

Similarly, if you are a Black woman who is a loyal supporter of a Black female blogger and/or podcaster, and just about all of the content and talking points of your favorite Black female blogger or podcaster encourages the idea of maintaining animosity toward Black men, you need to ask yourself, “Just how much money is this Black female blogger / podcaster earning from encouraging me and other Black women to demonize our Black brothers?”

Personally, I have absolutely no desire to create content on my YouTube channel that encourages members of one gender to despise or maintain animosity and hatred toward the opposite gender.  I earn a living from bringing men and women together (either for long-term romance or short-term orgasmic pleasure) … not from keeping members of both genders apart, separate, and bitter toward one another.

While you are stewing in anger and frustration, someone is laughing all the way to the bank (or at a minimum, these bloggers and podcasters are laughing while they count their PayPal donations, Google AdSense deposits, and direct deposits).  And they are laughing because they have your money … and all you have is unproductive bitterness and resentment in your heart toward all men or all women.

You’ve been played.

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