You’re out on a date with a tight assed, ample breasted brunette you struck up conversation with at the grocery store earlier that day. When you show up at her place to pick her up you’re a bit surprised she’s wearing jeans, a short sleeved collared shirt and sneakers but she’s still hot anyway so you think “What the hell…her ass still looks good in those jeans.”

You walk her to your car when she stops you and asks “What a minute…you’re driving?”

“Uh…yeah,” you reply.

“I’d rather drive,” she says as she pulls out her keys and starts walking toward her car. Okay whatever. No big deal. It’ll save you gas anyway.

On the way to the restaurant you’re going to she’s talking your ear off. Again, no big deal. Women do this when they’re around a guy they like because they’re nervous and trying to ease the tension. But you notice she swears…a lot. It’s off putting but the thought of being balls deep in that tight ass of hers makes her potty mouth more than worth dealing with for a little while.

You both get out of the car and approach the restaurant. You walk ahead of her and open the door for her.

“Um…excuse me?!” she asks incredulously.

“What?” you ask in confusion.

“You don’t need to hold the door open for me. I can do it myself, thank you very much!” And then it hits you…

She’s a feminist.

The date goes horribly sideways and at the end of the night you’re driving home with blue balls. On the flip side, her driving saved you gas, and she did pick up half the check but having dealt with feminists before you thought it best to decline her invitation to come inside to check out her “vintage record collection” she wouldn’t shut the fuck up about at dinner. You got the fuck outta dodge and deleted her number.

Unfortunately most men don’t pick up the early signs a woman is a feminist and end up getting taken for a ride. Dating a feminist is a headache at best and emotional suicide at worst and not even close to dealing with on a sexual level…even if she’s hot.

Below, I’ve listed 10 signs the girl you’re dating is a feminist. At this point it’s up to you to deal with the nonsense or hit the eject button for the sake of your sanity.

#1 – She calls herself “Independent”

Nothing says “I’m a militant feminist” like a woman who actually says she’s independent. It never takes them long to drop this nugget on you as feminists believe “independent” women are attractive to men of value. I was fucking a married chick who called herself independent early on in our tryst but then told me that if her husband lost his job, she’d be fucked.

So much for independence…

#2 – She believes in egalitarian relationships

Feminists will either say this out loud (“I believe in equal relationships!”) or she’ll insinuate it by what she says and/or does. Look for statements like “men should do their share of the chores around the house” and “each partner should do his or her part.” She believes relationships should be 50/50 and that there is no captain, there is no pilot. It’s 2 co-pilots as far as she’s concerned.

#3 – She talks about her domestic skills

Feminists are crazy but it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. They know full well that no matter how “tolerant” or “progressive” any given man claims to be, they know men like women who can cook and clean as it’s an attractive quality. A feminist will brag openly about her spaghetti and meatballs and how clean she keeps her apartment in an attempt to fool a man into thinking she actually does this stuff. She, of course, will do no such thing when he actually commits to her but so long as he thinks she’s domesticated on some level, she’s got him right where she wants him.

#4 – She asks you about your views on divisive topics

Any woman who asks you “What do you think of Donald Trump?” or “What are your views about women in the workplace?” or “Do you think abortion should be illegal?” is a bona fide feminist. Women who aren’t feminists have no need to ask you such questions because they understand that your actions will tell you all they need to know about you. Plus, feminists are dying to tell you about their far left ideology because they think you’ll be impressed.

#5 – She broaches the subject of sex first

The only good thing about feminists is that they’re epic sluts. If you’re in a slump, take a feminist out and you’ll get your cock sucked within 90 minutes with the right brand of asshole game.

Feminists wrongly believe that sexually experienced women are as attractive as sexually experienced men. On this assumption she’ll make a joke about what color panties she’s wearing (or joke about the fact that she’s not wearing any) or broach the subject of sex early on in the meet up. She’s trying to get laid and be attractive at the same time and talking about sex early and often, in her mind, accomplishes this task.

You’ll give her the dick, but as a red pill aware male you know she’s far from attractive because you now know she’s a feminist. Give her a facial and never call her back. It’s what she deserves.

#6 – She says the words “sexist” or “gender binary”

The word “sexist” is the most accurate feminist tell there is. If she also mentions how wrong being “gender binary” is (meaning you believe there are only two genders…male and female) you’ve got a feminist on your hands. Fuck her and chuck her.

#7 – She doesn’t own feminine clothes

Feminists wouldn’t be caught dead in clothes like this

If you’ve been dating a girl for a few weeks and never see her in a dress, skirt, or heels at some point or another, you can bet your ass she’s a feminist. Feminists renounce femininity as a matter of principle which is both ironic and ignorant.

#8 – She talks about her masculine characteristics

This is another projection play. Women want men with certain traits so they’ll indirectly tell you what they want in a man by describing themselves as such. Feminists, on the other hand, take it a step further and brag about their masculine traits. “I’m competitive!”, “I’m strong!”, and “I’m a control freak!” are characteristics they’re attracted to in men so they’ll tell you this is what they are.

100% of the time they’re none of these things but that doesn’t matter. She’s outed herself as a feminist which means you can now take the appropriate action which is to give her ass to mouth and delete her number after the dirty deed is done.

#9 – She says she doesn’t want children

Not wanting children is the calling card of a feminist slut. Feminists have no interest in raising families or having children and if she tells you this out loud, she’s guaranteed to be a feminist.

#10 – She talks about her job a lot

In addition to not wanting children, she’ll brag about how “challenging and grueling” her useless data entry job is. If she says anything to the effect of “my career comes first” you’ve got her pegged as a feminist. Of course #9 tipped you off but that statement solidifies your suspicions.

To the average man…

…picking up on feminist tells can be tough because we’ve been told these characteristics are normal and healthy for women to possess. These days it’s normal for girls to quiz you on politics, abortion, and gender equality. It’s normal for women to be unhealthily obsessed with their jobs and to voice their disdain for marriage or children so most men don’t pick up on this stuff and before he knows it he finds out his feminist girlfriend’s been fucking 3 dudes behind his back.

Alan Roger Currie often says that most women don’t identify as feminists but they still have feminist beliefs. He’s 100% correct. Keep your wits about you and listen and watch carefully. Getting into relationships with these women can make or break a man so it behooves him to stay on his p’s and q’s and act accordingly. All feminists deserve from a man like you as a dick in the ass and a protein shake down their throats…nothing more.

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