One of the most important things a Black man can do in his life is to keep himself fit.   When I say fit I mean something that goes beyond having good physique.   While this is important for reasons I’m about to get into it is equally important that a Black man has good internal health.   The saying that health is wealth is not just a cute saying.   Being fit is a key to overall happiness and prosperity in life.

There are many who talk about different types of game, i.e. different ways to get women.   From my experience the best way to get a woman is to have a nice body.   People talk about money, status, and looks in terms of the face being what attracts women.   Naw it’s really the body.  A big chest and a smile gets a man a long way.   A nice body attracts more women than an E-class.   Regular sex does more for a man’s health and happiness than most other things.   Even money because many men spend their money to get women.  They really need to get their bench press up.

Another reason to be in shape is that despite the society we live in and a heavy police presence the reality is that a man may need to physically defend himself.    I remember a time when I worked at a hotel gym.  A guest attacked one of the workers and the worker used a martial art to subdue the attacker.   Every man even if he doesn’t formally practice some type of martial art needs to be in good enough shape to hold his own in a fight.   Plus on a practical level it makes the woman feel safer. When women feel safe the panties come off quicker.  Just saying.

An important aspect of being a man is making money.   In indigenous societies the man hunted for his food and may have built his own home.   In modern culture men don’t hunt for food but for sport.   For resources a man must get a job or have a business to make money.   Most work for men require that they move around.  This even includes office jobs.   He still has to be healthy enough to go to work on a regular basis.   Most men miss time at work because of sickness.   To make money on a consistent basis a man needs to be healthy.

The biggest reason Black men need to stay fit is simply to stay alive.   High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes run rampant in the Black community in general and with Black men in particular.  Also a big issue is prostate cancer.   Black men need exercise regularly, eat better, and get regular check-ups.   It’s hard to have sex if the blood flow is so bad that a man can’t get an erection.   A man can’t defend himself if he’s out of breath after throwing one punch.   A man is in trouble if he can’t make it to work because of an ailment.

Gyms should be ubiquitous wherever there are large concentrations of Black men.   It’s even a business opportunity for someone.   Black need to eat healthier foods.   This is not to say give up Uncle Junior’s ribs at the cookout.   It’s just the ribs need to be balanced by more fruits and vegetables.  Also drinking at least a gallon of water a day is very good for health.   Even with the ribs the amount of meat eaten weekly should be gradually minimized.

Health is wealth.   Health leads to happiness and prosperity because a healthy man can take action to make love to a woman, defend that woman, and go out to make money.   The key for Black men is to stay fit.


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