How Hip Hop became a culture..

Hip Hop took birth as a marginalized subculture in South Bronx NYC around 1970 when black and Latino youth combined four different elements. That is MC-ing, DJ-ing or turntablism, break dancing and graffiti art. The adepts found solidarity and cooperation in the common association with poverty and violence. These two elements surrounded the society in those times. Hip hop initially functioned as a form of self-expression meant to reflect or proclaim an alternative on the environment.

The culture’s origins are the block parties. Fundamental members like Ghetto Brothers, DJ Kool Herc and DJ Afrika Bambaata played or mixed their music for the crowd. In time the Hip Hop phenomenon has spread worldwide to both urban and suburban communities with additional inspiration from soul, funk, blues and jazz.

The music

The music has been a stimulator to numerous disputes and differences from the early days. Many critics have argued that it’s nothing more than misogyny and glorification of violence.
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On the other hand you have people claiming that it’s a new form of gospel where individuals can express themselves without remaining unheard. The misogyny and glorification of violence accusations were often turned down as being simple misunderstandings. No matter the controversy it’s impossible to say that Hip Hop culture didn’t make a strong impact worldwide.

Assuming that you watch T.V., listen to the radio or surf the web you are certain to experience numerous ads related to this movement. Maybe you’re asking yourself why… Well it’s not only the artists themselves pushing their creations it’s just the hype that’s always been around since the birth of this culture. The artists now became public figures recognized worldwide and Hip Hop music shares a special spotlight. You don’t have to be a MC to get your shine because even people indirectly involved have become public figures. We can take producers, CEOs running a label, bloggers, comedy actors and many more as examples.
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Numerous hip hop figures are involved with major corporations as well, helping them to score astronomical numbers with product sales. Some even became so powerful they started companies and brands on their own. From Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers to 50 Cent’s vitamin water, examples can go on.
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There are Hip Hop fans around the world that don’t even understanding the lyrics. This cultured has spread in unique ways making the movement a deep state of mind but as much as Hip Hop music is applauded, it’s also condemned. Is this happening because the artists are able to influence many people or is it the way that the message is spread? Is this debate justified? There have been numerous protests for and against Hip Hop music or artists and it seems like this dispute is not going to end anytime soon.

There you have it. From South Bronx corners to every corner world wide, Hip Hop culture made a massive impact in many communities. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on how Hip Hop music influenced your life.