Last week, I uploaded yet another video on my YouTube Channel that highlights the distinction between a heterosexual man maintaining what is known as a Red Pill Mindset vs. a Blue Pill Mindset.  I also covered the lesser known concepts of the “Purple Pill” Mindset and the “Black Pill” Mindset.  In the last few days, I have received a boat load of feedback in response to this particular video, both publicly and privately.

Recently, I had one follower of mine ask me this question:  “Alan, I know you pursued a career as a screenwriter in Hollywood, so I was wondering, what are a few movies that you could recommend that highlight the real sexual nature of women from a Red Pill perspective?”

Well, early last year, I wrote an article titled 15 Movies that Reveal How Manipulative Women Are.  Most of my selections in that particular article more so highlighted the true manipulative nature of women rather than their true sexually duplicitous and/or unfaithful & adulterous nature, but a few of my selections included films that featured female characters that were both manipulative AND sexually duplicitous as well as unfaithful & adulterous.  So, some of my selections in this article may be duplicates of my earlier selections.

Here would be a list of my 2018 Top 10 Feature Films that Most Highlight Women’s True Sexual Nature from a Red Pill Mindset Perspective:

Warning:  Many storyline plot point spoilers might be included

#10 – Up in the Air (2009)

Ryan Bingham (Actor George Clooney) works for a Corporate Downsizing firm that specializes in what is known as “termination assistance.”  In more blunt terms, Bingham has to inform men and women that the company they are employed with have chosen to fire them, and Bingham’s job is to offer them a “separation pay package” that hopefully will ease the trauma of them being terminated from their job.

Bingham travels so much via the air, that he has earned over ten million frequent flyer miles on American Airlines at a relatively young age.  Bingham ends up developing a casual sex relationship with another frequent flyer named Alex Goran (Actress Vera Farmiga), and the two engage in many discussions about life, work, dating & relationships, and marriage.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Toward the end of the film, Bingham begins to second guess his status as a prolific womanizer who frequently engages in multiple casual sex relationships with women, and he realizes that he has developed strong emotional feelings for Alex.  Bingham impulsively flies to Chicago, unannounced, to pay an impromptu visit to see Alex, only to be surprised to find out that Alex is happily married with children.   Bingham walks away from Alex’s home feeling like a fool and an emotionally manipulated casual fuck buddy of Alex.

#9 – The Family That Preys (2008)

Andrea (Actress Sanaa Lathan) is married to Chris (Actor Rockmund Dunbar),but over the course of their marriage, Andrea consistently belittles and disrespects Chris.

Chris ends up working for William (Actor Cole Hauser), but unbeknownst to Chris, William is having an affair with Chris’ wife Andrea.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Andrea confesses to Chris that not only has she been regularly engaging in sexual activities with William, but that the son that Chris thought was his is actually William’s son.

#8 – Closer (2004)

Alice Ayers (Actress Natalie Portman) is a stripper who connects with struggling writer Dan Woolf (Actor Jude Law), and after a few weeks of operating just as friends, they soon become sexual lovers and move in together.

Later, Dan and Alice attend an event together, and Dan develops chemistry with photographer Anna Cameron (Actress Julia Roberts).  Dan is really into Alice, but he also develops a strong sexual lust for Anna.

Later, Anna connects with a dermatologist named Larry (Actor Clive Owen) because of an internet prank by Dan.  From that point, Anna and Larry begin referring to Dan as “Cupid,” because they feel that Dan is responsible for them connecting with each other.

A few months later, Anna ends up cheating on Larry with Dan.  Then later, Anna confesses to Larry that she cheated with Dan, and Dan confesses to Alice that he cheated with Anna.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film

#7 – Internal Affairs (1990)

Dennis Peck (Actor Richard Gere) is a LAPD officer who is known for covering the mistakes of his fellow officers in exchange for timely favors from those officers later on.

Raymond Avila (Actor Andy Garcia) is a newly hired member of the LAPD’s Internal Affairs Department (IAD), and he is matched up with a lesbian IAD Officer named Amy Wallace (Actress Laurie Metcalf).

Later, when Peck finds out that he is being investigated for questionable and shady activities during his off-hours by Avila, Peck decides to engage in some Alpha male-oriented mind games with Avila, suggesting to Avila that he has already seduced and fucked Avila’s wife Kathleen (Actress Nancy Travis).

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Peck ends up fucking the wife of a man who has hired Peck to murder his parents, and even worse, it is revealed that Peck is regularly fucking the wife of his own LAPD partner, Van Stretch (Actor William Baldwin).

#6 – The Best Man (1999)

I already covered the storyline of this movie in a previous article (click here)

#5 – Love the Hard Way (2001)

Jack (Actor Adrien Brody) is a petty thief who connects with a young, very naïve and sexually innocent and inexperienced college student named Claire (Actress Charlotte Ayanna).

Claire becomes fascinated with Jack’s small-time criminal ways and wants to develop something long-term and romantic with Jack.  But Jack, not wanting a young woman with a promising career ahead of her to get mixed up with a low-life like him, breaks things off and encourages her to study hard and concentrate on her academic goals and her career objectives.

Jack breaks things off with Claire by telling her that the only thing he ever wanted from her was a few good episodes of casual sex, leaving her heartbroken.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Later in the film, after being jilted by Jack, Claire ends up becoming a street prostitute exchanging her sexual companionship for the financial favors of tricks.

#4 – Unfaithful (2002)

Edward Summer (Actor Richard Gere) is married to Connie Summer (Actress Diane Lane), and they seem to have a happy, comfortable life in the Northern suburbs of New York.

The Summers do not at all have a “bad” marriage, but on closer examination, you see that Edward is such a workaholic that he frequently tends to ignore the romantic and sexual needs of his stay-at-home wife Connie.

While out-and-about during an episode of bad weather, Connie crosses paths with Paul Martel (Actor Oliver Martinez), and soon the two develop flirtatious chemistry with one another.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Edward pays Paul a visit after a private investigator confirms that his wife Connie is having an extramarital affair with Paul, and Edward sees a glass snow globe that he had given to Connie as a special gift, and Paul reveals that Connie turned around and gave Edward’s gift to Paul to show him her appreciation for Paul being her satisfying lover.

#3 – Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona (2008)

Vicky (Actress Rebecca Hall) and her girlfriend Cristina (Actress Scarlett Johansson) take a summer vacation to Spain, and end up crossing paths with an artist with a high degree of persuasive and seductive charm named Juan Antonio Gonzalo (Actor Javier Bardem).

Soon, Antonio proposes to the two girlfriends that they should join him at his place for a ménage à trois, and while Vicky immediately rebuffs the proposition, Cristina seems a bit intrigued by the idea.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Vicky, despite having the most adverse reaction to Juan Antonio’s sexual advances and being engaged to her fiancé Doug, ends up exchanging orgasms with Juan Antonio.

#2 – Red Shoe Diaries (1992)

This selection was actually not a feature-film, but rather a Made-for-Cable-Television movie that premiered on the ShowTime Network.

Jake Winters (Actor David Duchovny) is engaged to Alex (Actress Brigitte Bako), and their relationship seems to be happier than ever.  Then Alex has a chance meeting with a handsome, seductive construction worker named Thomas (Actor Billy Wirth), and two soon begin engaging in a kinky sexual relationship behind Jake’s back.

Key “Red Pill Aware” Moment of the film:  Alex becomes so into Thomas sexually, but yet, does not want to break Jake’s heart, so she chooses to commit suicide because she cannot find it in herself to choose one over the other.

#1 – Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

I already covered the storyline of this movie in a previous article (click here)

Question for the male readers of my column:  What is a movie, not included in this list, that features a female character in the story who is very sexually duplicitous and/or unfaithful & adulterous?  Let me know in the comments section!

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