A good deal of young guys today are on the fence about the things they want to do in life. They have a hard time finding the perfect goal for their drives and motivations. Contentment, fulfillment, and even happiness is an unknown thing to many up and coming young men. A lot of this cluelessness comes from the wrong mindset. They think that happiness is a thing larger than life. That only through grandiose, wildly amazing and expensive material things, through money and social status, they will be fulfilled and they can finally find themselves.  They are thought to think like this, to neglect the fact that our lives are filled with simple pleasures, the little everyday things that can mean so much and create a newfound joy in our lives. Finally realizing this fact and finding contentment in these small things can open new doors in our life and lead to happiness, a different look on our every day. Stop thinking that life is not good if it is not luxurious, rich or filled with things. Material things are just the surface. There’s so much more underneath. Read on as we talk more about what these things are and how you too can experience them in full.

Find Your Joy


Some say that looking for happiness is a life long search. But maybe it doesn’t have to be like that. Maybe this joy is closer than we think. To try and get closer to it, we need to discover what in life moves us towards it. What is it that we find fulfilling, touching close to our souls? Whatever it is you need to reach out and follow it. Find your joy.
With a new outlook on life you will see just how much we take for granted in life. You will be grateful for the small things in life. A lot of people will be quick to tell you that it is very hard to be happy and succeed when you are “one step behind”  either because lack of luxury, money or fancy cars and mansions, but the truth is really quite different than that. There is so much more to success, joy and wealth than simply material possessions. What a lot of those people fail to understand that their own viewpoints would be so much different without the tedious constraints of everyday chaotic lives, their jobs or wild lives. And the best way to escape them is to re-evaluate your life and your own desires and passions.


Ask for Less, Get More


What can these simple pleasures be, you might wonder. In essence, anything that makes you happy, as long as it is within the boundaries of reason. A sunny afternoon spent with a good book and a cup of coffee. A quiet night out with your girl. A vacation, visiting a new country with your friends. A new song from your favorite artist. Or maybe a great workout at the gym.  Anything goes, as long as it is humble, normal, an everyday thing that is easy to achieve and taken for granted by so many, all the time. You will quickly find out that by asking for less in life, being content with what you got and things you can achieve and get, you will get so much more, because, as you found out – material wealth is not everything. Joy comes from the inside, and by embracing these simple everyday things, you will find it out.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for great things, having big goals that you work towards. But keeping in mind there is a lot of joy in small things can help you along the way, making it easier to travel the hard journey towards the big bucks.



Don’t ever hesitate to explore yourself, and to get to the bottom of your desires. Find the goals that you want to follow and get shit done. You will be surprised at how much pleasure there is in improving yourself. Finding the hard earned results in your body, in your studies, in your work. Meeting new people and gaming new thots with a newly found confidence, charisma and intellect. But never make the mistake to think these will just fall from the sky. ‘Cause they won’t. You have to earn them and work as hard as you can to make it through. And as you do, you will get to know the simple, rewarding pleasures of a fulfilled life.