With the birth of MTV, music videos had a huge rise in popularity. The following list contains mostly videos from the 90’s with a few exceptions as the demand for music videos has decreased, so has their quality.
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Some of these can even be considered short movies and their cost is also near the budget of some movies.
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10. Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco – “Touch The Sky” – 1 milion dollars

Lupe and Kanye join forces in this video that pays homage to Eviel Knievel’s missed jump over the Snake River Canyon. Evel Knievel was so impressed that he filled a lawsuit against Kanye which he eventually lost.
9.Kanye West – “Stronger” – 1,2 million dollars

This video cost the budget that was supposed to be for 4 videos, and was shot over only nine days in Tokyo. Kanye almost went mad editing the video continuously as he was not satisfied and kept changing the story.
8.MC Hammer – “Here Comes The Hammer” – 1,3 million dollars

With a 10,000 dollars album production and the most expensive video on it priced at 1,3 million, we can see even now how hard MC Hammer was ballin’. This is only his second most expensive video, though…
7. Blackstreet and Janet Jackson ft. Eve and Ja Rule – “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” – 1,5 million dollars

This video really takes you back in time, a time wher such low quality animations now, cost so much. It seems that didn’t bother anyone as 1,5 million dollars is quite a sum.
6. TLC – “UnPretty” – 1,6 million dollars

The video for this song that became the group’s 4th no.1 single was shot in California in 1999 and it shows women’s struggles with bodies and plastic surgeries. Although it looks cheaper than other videos, the girls argued over every detail of it which doubled the costs.
5. Missy Elliott – “She’s A B***h” – 2 million dollars

First video from the “big guys” category has Missy and her dancers raising from underwater on a platform in shape of the letter M. Special effects, exotic vehicles, extravagant costumes and multiple sets accompany the big scene on the bill for its huge costs.
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4. Will Smith – “Miami” – 2 million dollars

For starters, this video features Eva Mendes so we can see where a part of that cash went. Then there may be Will Smith’s “morphs” from one location to another which cost around 14,000 dollars each. Who knows?
3. Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson – “What’s It Gonna Be?” – 2,4 million dollars

In this video, Busta and Janet continously sing and take different forms, Hype Williams showing again his creativity. Back then this was what people where thinking 2016 love life would look like.
2. MC Hammer – “2 Legit 2 Quit” – 2,5 million dollars

In pure “balleristic” style, Hammer’s most expensive video can put to shame a lot of Superbowl performances from halftime. As usual, he was ready to splurge all the cash necesary to make this an unforgettable experience.
1. Puff Daddy ft. The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes – “Victory” 2,7 million dollars

This video has stunts, explosions, helicopters and shootout as a man runs from the police, making it seem like a movie. Even Danny DeVito and David Hopper have short appearences in it. The video pays homage to “The Running Man” movie.