The myth that Black Men only date white women who are fat, unattractive, or both is patently false. Sure, there are plenty of brothers out there who date bottom of the barrel white girls but these either are low value ain’t shit niggas or they are Men who don’t believe they can attract beautiful white women.

People who perpetuate this myth use internet memes and false rhetoric as “research” to “prove their point.” Nothing could be further from the truth and the proof is all around us every day of our lives. I have never dated a fat or unattractive white woman in my life, even when I was a low value beta male and a lot of Black Men out there would cosign on this if they’re being honest.
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So now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what Black Men should expect when we start dating attractive white girls.

Hate from black women

“He got a white girl???”

This is the first and most immediate effect. When Black women see you strolling around hand in hand with your pretty white girlfriend they’re not going to like it and they’re not going to hide their disgust. Be ready for dirty glances in your direction and snide comments just audible enough for the two of you to hear.

Expect your black female cashiers, waitresses, or other occupations in the service industry to treat you poorly. They’ll give you the silent treatment at the register, they’ll take forever to bring your meals, and do their level best to inconvenience you in any way they can.

Does this happen all the time? Certainly not. But it happens enough to get my attention and if you’re a Black Man who has an attractive white girlfriend be prepared for this because it’s coming. Count on it.

Judgement from your female family members

Be prepared for your mothers, sisters, and aunts to call your choice in women into question. Sometimes they’ll be overt and tell you that you’re wrong for dating white women but most of the time they’ll ask loaded questions designed to make you look bad regardless of your answers.

“You haven’t found a good black woman?” “Maybe you’re dating the wrong women?” “What kind of women have you dated in the past?” are just a few of the barrage of questions they’ll ask you in attempt to shame you into jumping back onto the sinking ship otherwise known as the undateable black woman.

The solution here is to either change the subject or just tell them that you don’t want to talk about it.
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You don’t owe anyone an explanation for anything you do. Least of all your female family members.

Hate from other Black Men

Interestingly enough, most of the hate I get for dating white girls comes from other black men. I get called all kinds of names like race traitor, coon, Uncle Tom, and all the usual tired ass sophomoric names niggas have used for decades to signal their envy of you.

Take a look at the comments section of any Brother Pill Podcast (season 2) and you’ll see that most of the name calling comes from other brothers with regards to my choice to date blonde haired hotties. I’ve even had a couple of them call in to give me a piece of their collective minds.

Just let it roll off your shoulders guys. It used to bother me but I learned a long time ago that when you catch heat from other black men for dating white girls, it’s because they wish they themselves could date them. The sad truth is that they could but they allow their own community into shaming them from expanding their horizons and they hate Black Men who’ve had the strength to break free and do what they want.

Hate from white guys

This guy is looking for a reason to ruin your fucking day….trust me…

The hate you get from white men is going to much more covert but far more dangerous. They won’t be as vocal as black Men or women but depending on the situation they could do a lot more damage than the name calling or dirty looks ever could.

If a white cop pulls you over and you’ve got a pretty white girl in the passenger seat (or vice versa), be prepared for anything. Keep your wits about you, keep your cool, follow the law, know your rights, and don’t escalate verbally. All it takes is getting pulled over by a white cop who’s wife cheated on him with a black guy, or who’s daughter is dating a black guy or any other situation you could think of and he’s looking for any reason at all to ruin your day.

If you work for or with white guys, be ready for the same thing. They’ll be cool with you until they see your wife or girlfriend is white.
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This isn’t to say that things will automatically change for the worse, but you need to be cognizant of the possibilities.

Attention from other white girls

This is Red Pill Game 101 and the concept here is pre-selection. You’d be surprised at the number of white women who would never have considered dating a black guy, all of a sudden change their minds when they see their friends with one. I’ve dated countless white girls who’ve told me I was the first black guy they’ve ever dated.

When attractive white women see other attractive white women with Black Men, it piques their curiosity and eventually they succumb to it and come over to the dark side. Remember….women don’t want to date Men that other women don’t want. So when a white girl sees you’re pre-selected by other white girls, be ready to start getting more sexual attention from them.


There are a few other things you’ll need to be aware of like your black friends asking you for advice on how to attract white women (when and if they get past the envy), and the benefits of their pussy pass. White Men may inconvenience you when they see you with a white girl but white women and sometimes black men in service industry like waiters and waitresses, bouncers, etc. will definitely treat you better. I’ve zoomed to the front of countless lines a the night club and been given preferential treatment when my white girlfriends bat their eye lashes or push back their blonde hair.

Just understand that when you start dating white girls the way some people will treat you will change. Some will treat you better, some not so much. Some people may not change at all.
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But if you expect your life to be exactly the same when you start fucking with fair skinned blondes, brunettes, or red heads, think again. Be ready.