Most people celebrate their fathers just once in a year. Or perhaps twice in a year, when those fathers are having their birthdays.
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It is only on these special days that we usually remember to treat our fathers good. Majority do not think that fathers also deserve the same kind of love and good treatment that we give to our mothers. Most of the time, it is always about our mother, mother, and mother.

We sometimes forget our fathers. We don’t always see the unannounced and unspoken sacrifices that these male folks make. Fathers can be likened to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of an interesting film. Most people usually see the beautiful film but they don’t always get to see the sacrifices behind the camera. We don’t usually see the amount of work that is put into place to make the film interesting and beautiful to behold.

It is another Fathers’ Day, a time to reflect on the importance of fathers and the beautiful and magnificent roles they play in the society, a time to remind us that fathers deserve more than just one or two days in a year, and a time to know that everyone deserves care, love, attention, and respect, irrespective of their gender. It is a time to remember that it is the joint work of both genders that brought us into the world.

There are different fathers, I know. Some are responsible and some are not.
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If you are lucky enough to have a responsible father who tries his best to make you a responsible person in the society, who strives to see you become successful, who provides you with everything he can afford, just to see you smile and happy, that kind of man deserves some good dose of gratitude and a couple of accolades.

We usually don’t appreciate our fathers until we become one. It is the same way we don’t appreciate our parents’ love until we become parents ourselves. If you keep posting Happy Fathers’ Day on social media but you have never shown love to your father in reality, no matter how little, you are deceiving yourself. There are many fathers who are not happy with their children, who are crying silently because they have been neglected by those children.

I like to think that a father’s sacrifice is underrated because most men don’t make noise when they do great things for their children, unlike women. Most men go through thorns and thistles just to provide for their family. They sweat, lose blood, get tired, get burnt, but remain resolute. In all these, they don’t usually show pain or complain to anyone. They internalize it just to make their family comfortable and happy. Always.

Fathers deserve the same love that children show their mothers. They deserve gratitude and appreciation. They deserve to be pampered just like we pamper our mothers when we eventually become successful.
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I have heard stories of people giving preferential treatment to their parents.
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It is very common in Africa where we are made to believe that mothers deserve better treatments than fathers.

I do not think we are being sincere when we give preferential treatment to our parents, especially if both parents contributed to making us successful, if they are both responsible. We should treat our parents equally when we eventually become successful. Fathers, just like mothers, deserve comfort, happiness, and gifts. They deserve the beauty of life, too. Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers. May you eat the fruits of your labour for long.