The purpose of this particular writing is to reeducate you concerning the true danger of the Male Ego. Our Ego drives us towards success, conquering sex, and establishing infrastructure that boosts civilizations. Despite the positive trends that accompany our Male Ego, we must consider the negative attributes associated with it. While there are many negatives I could discuss, I will only invest effort into explaining one: “Overconfident.” The ideology of being Overconfident or feeling like you are “thee special man” is what fucks up a lot of men in the long run with regards to women. When you are overconfident or feel special, you believe that women do certain things for you because you are “DIFFERENT.” You suggest to your friends that she sucks your dick and swallows your loads daily because “YOU GOT THAT GAME.” You say stupid shit to your friends like “She not going no where I got the bitch on lock.” You really believe that because she said “This PUSSY IS YOURS DADDY” when you fuck, she will ALWAYS stay committed to you. Why do you believe this? There are two reasons why most men believe they are special. The first reason is that you men are COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOTS who need your ass beat with a loaf of wheat bread. Secondarily, the reason is you believe in the false notion that you are the ONLY guy on planet earth who can make women do certain favors.

     The power of a woman is her ability to make men believe such false narratives about themselves. This is why intelligent women will participate in ego stroking. They will say such things like: “Nobody has ever fucked me like you have.” In continuance with their bull shit phrases, they will say: “Nobody has ever treated me as good as you.” Of course, you are too stupid to realize that this bitch says this with EVERY GUY she FUCKS! 


    What am I fucking getting at here brothers? You must understand YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL TO WOMEN! Some of you believe because you have achieved some level of financial success, you are special. Others may feel because you have an uncanny sense of humor, you are special. You believe that your personal attributes create the lane in which women ONLY become interested in you. Newsflash you fucking idiot! Women have sucked and fucked a variety of dicks attached to multiple personality types. Different things about men turn women on. This is why the lawyer is confused when he comes home and finds his wife being fucked by the guy who cuts his grass. This is why the Good looking Alpha Male is upset when the ugly beta male is banging his hot girlfriend at the Motel 6. The reason is because women are turned on by multiple things that they prefer in men. Thus, if ANY man can bring out certain sexual tendencies in her, SHE WILL do ALL LEWD SEXUAL ACTS WITH ANY MAN REGARDLESS OF STATUS OR PERSONALITY TRAIT! 

   It is important to understand that what you have a woman do, many men before you have already brought that out of her in years past. You were not the first person to fuck her in the ass. You were not the first person to make her catch a wad of cum in her eyeball. You were not the first guy she cooked breakfast in bed for. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL TO WOMEN! Once you understand this, you can lower your expectations with women and not be hurt! 


That is enough for today assholes. As you know, the BUFFOONERY IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH!