Introduction – The Road to Independence
What is the most prized possession that a man can have? Before you attempt to get to the right answer, you’ll need to know that it is nothing as simple or trivial as a material thing. It is something deeper, something hidden in most men today.
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A sleeping secret, slumbering and waiting to be awaken. It is an absolute independence. An unchained freedom from all those things society throws at the 21st century man.  ‘Cause in the end, all of us here at Negromanosphere know very well that the steady rising of feminism, capitalism, globalism and increasing emphasis on female “power”, all work towards the hindering of a successful, limitless, victorious man.
All the beginner readers, all those with a wish to become better and truly what they ought to be, will ask themselves: How exactly to I achieve this absolute independence? It’s no easy task, dear reader, but this bountiful summit can be reached, with hard work and dangerous climbing. And once at the top, well, let me just say that the view is awesome and worth every effort.

When the Chains are Gone
Reaching this summit, or simply getting very close, can be called outcome independence. What does it mean? It means that once you decided enough is enough, when you finally bite the bullet and enter that wonderful world of self-improvement, after enough time has passed and results become obvious – then you’ll know what it means.
Filling your life with meaningful things, fulfilling tasks and self-improving hobbies, such as lifting, exercise, reading, studying, creativity, and similar, you will quickly feel unburdened, no longer tied to the often meaningless things outside of your life and your sphere of interests. You finally have a filled up schedule, a content and meaningful life with daily tasks and visible achievements. From that point on – it will be hard for anything or anyone outside of it to enter and mix up that hard earned success. With your horizons broadened and your goals in life firmly set, you will slowly begin to see the things outside your own life and days, for what they truly are. Things you once craved – women, money, a restless life and wild night life – will show themselves as futile, fleeting and absolutely unimportant.
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What this makes you, is in the end, a truly untouchable man. There’s several points that signify this. First, people around you, your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, will quickly understand that you’re a man with a purpose. A busy man, dedicated to his activities and interests.
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And equally quickly, their respect and understanding for you will rise tremendously, improving your image in society. Second, the woman around you will be tingled and intrigued. Questions will float in their mind: “Who is that man who is the praise of all my friends? And why the hell can’t I burst his bubble, enter his world?”
Just like that, you become respected and desired. And the power to choose, to decide, is all in your very own hands.

And you have reached that point that many still desire. Now you’re holding your life firmly in your hands, dictating with confidence the outcome of all the days that are to come. You can put priorities on things that make you happy, you can cut out toxic people and manipulating bitches completely out of your life – without a second thought or a dose of regret. Because of a simple reason – you have reached the point where your presence, your time and effort are a privilege that they need to earn. You came to the point we call – outcome independence. If you choose to invest your precious time into something or someone – ultimately any outcome from that investment will not be influential on you. You’re gaming a girl? She flakes, manipulates, cheats? Simply next her, forget her and move on with your fulfilled life as if nothing happened. It’s her loss. You lose nothing – simply because you, you’re the reward.

Conclusion – The Conqueror Nature
Ultimately, we come to a singular conclusion – a man is made to conquer. We learn it from history’s plentiful lessons. Whether they conquer new lands, countries, landscapes, women or tasks – men are created to fight and succeed. It is their conquering nature that sets men apart from others, carves their place in this world. A lot of that conquering mentality must be transferred into the everyday world and connections with people. Or you’ll simply go under. In one of our next articles, we’ll go in detail on the Conqueror nature, and connect the dots that will show us the trough face of man and the unforgiving world we live in. Until then, keep improving, keep searching for the truth and never give yourself up to those who’d only use you for their own gain. Fight the hate!

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