BLAHOW! “I made you look.”

Nowadays, all it takes is a “big butt and a smile” to catch a man’s eye, get his full attention. Of course, with the promise of a little something, something only if he concedes his position, compromises his standards.

Uh-huh, and just like that Nas hook, a phat booty on duty will not only distract him from other would be dangers lurking in his periphery but also possibly endanger his Brothers as well. Therefore, he’ll cause his entire clique, troops, crew, disciples, boys or whatever euphemism that comes to mind, to fall into the abyss.

HObots in disguise

That’s right. And just like big-booty Judy’s (not her real name) ASSets have successfully covered us common everyday men’s once logical line of sight on matters at hand, Donald Trump, aka #45, has done exactly the same thing with his constituents, the general public (people who didn’t vote for him) and his very own staff along with our United States military leadership.

However, perhaps neither they nor we should label him a “H*e.” A bona fide p*mp would be more like it.
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A p*mpbot in disguise.

Why? Shoot, isn’t it obvious?

His “HUGE” Fiscal Year 2019 budget for the Department of Defense (DoD) is just as deceptive as the plump, brown and round onion of that beautiful Decepticon who’s our headline featured visual. And I must say so myself, she’s an exquisite specimen at that.


Likewise, a true P*mp-in-Chief has just fooled everybody in uniform by his most recent Tweet suggesting that they, our official bullet catchers at the Pentagon, foot the bill to construct that now infamous wall along our Southern border.

Hold up. I thought Mexico was going to pay for this mug.

Anyway, did I mention that I’m a proud Air Force veteran, having honorably served 10 years active duty? So, yeah, I think I’m well qualified to talk smack about this latest so-called presidential move.

Now don’t look at me sideways. For those Black Conservatives within our Negromanosphere, I’ve always been what I call a Conservative Independent whom just happens to leans towards the Libertarian side of the political sphere.

And with that, I’m not here to dis #45, just clown all of the tricks who fell for some smooth p*mpology. Because that’s exactly what he did.

He’s clowned everyone

And if anyone deserves P*mp of the Year for 2018, somebody PLEASE give this man a crown. And do it right now!

I mean, c’mon now. Let’s give him credit for duping even the Pentagon brass.

See, since his first day in the Oval Office, whenever he’s not threatening another government shutdown, he’s been dangling that nearly-rotten carrot in front of an exhausted Congress, which, by the way, is fully Republican owed. Yes, and we all know what that orange (no pun intended) veggie is: constructing a tax-payer wall to keep out illegal aliens and drug smugglers.
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Exaggeration? Too much of a reach?

Why, no. It isn’t because it’s one thing to pressure Senators and Representatives of his own party into submission about this pet project of his. It’s another thing all together, however, when he gorilla p*mps our military into a tough, awkward spot.

Now if I were one of those four-star generals? Man, don’t even get me started on my response. Let’s just say, I may have to take an early retirement as this hypothetical officer and a gentleman after inking that unforgettable memo of all memos.

He’s just too slick

See, first he approves and signs a spending bill with an enormous chunk for the DoD. Something I know is a good thing overall.

Conversely, though, he’s now via Twitter, shown his entire hand with a straight face.
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Well, perhaps not that straight but most intelligent people get it.

Bottom line, he can only go so far with forcing those in charge of the military to bow down to paying tribute to his wall. And it is his wall.

Because I don’t want to be that guy who’s stat hungry, just bursting at the seams to post up the latest poll but I’ve got to be that dude. Now if any of Trump’s staff members are reading this blog, according to CBS News Polls, as of January 2018, in my best Ice Cube voice, “Here’s what they think about you:”

  • More than 60 percent of US citizens don’t want a wall.
  • At least 76 percent of Democrat Americans think risking a government shutdown for funding a wall isn’t worth it.
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  • Whereas half (Republican voters) believe it’s a bad idea, too.
  • Even if a wall’s built, 85 percent—Independents, Republicans and Democrats combined—don’t feel its right to demand Mexico to fund the cost.

So, as we say out in Cally, stall the military out. Trust, they’ve got enough more serious, life-threatening issues to deal with than being subjected to a standard quid pro quo. They shouldn’t have to worry about compromising their sworn duty to protect us while simultaneously walking on a virtual tightrope being loosely held by a man with reportedly-small hands.

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Marcus love is a published author. You can scoop up his most recent Broke and Ashy urban eNovella series at an Amazon Kindle near you.

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